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  • A Window to the World A Window to the World
  • Teton Panorama at Dawn #1 Teton Panorama at Dawn #1
  • Haleakala Sunrise #1 Haleakala Sunrise #1
  • Hore Abbey at Sunset Hore Abbey at Sunset
  • Mount Vernon Sunset Mount Vernon Sunset
  • Wind-Blown Tree 2 Wide Wind-Blown Tree 2 Wide
  • Sun and Pier Sun and Pier
  • Bodie Island Light at Dawn Bodie Island Light at Dawn
  • Panoramic Tetons with Fence Panoramic Tetons with Fence
  • Sunset Over the Cascades #1 Sunset Over the Cascades #1
  • Mt. Shasta and Barn Mt. Shasta and Barn
  • Panoramic Sunset Panoramic Sunset
  • Bannerman Wide Bannerman Wide
  • Sunset at Cape Charles Sunset at Cape Charles
  • Lough Leane Sunset Lough Leane Sunset
  • Sanibel Lighthouse Sanibel Lighthouse